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We did it!

We want to share great news with you! GlobalGiving awarded Fundación Tzedaká with a permanent membership on their online fundraising platform, which means a great opportunity to keep raising funds for our different social programs, increasing our reach and our help range. This tool is vital for our cause; working [...]

The Night of the 200 Dinners

In The Night of the 200 Dinners framework, on the past November 15th our friends, Mariela & Gabriel Melamed, opened their home in New York, to share along with family and friends of a typical argentine dinner in support of Fundación Tzedaká. [...]

Thank you!

Last Friday, along with the last truck to the La Plata suburb, the assistance phase to the ones who have been affected by the flood in Buenos Aires and La Plata, had come to an end. For a whole week over 15 trucks were loaded with clothes, food, and cleaning [...]

Women helping women

On the occasion of International Women's Day, some of our friends organized a brunch where their friends were invited. It’s main goal? To come together and help other women, living in poverty, who are part of the Foundations’ beneficiaries and who raise their children alone as they are their households’ [...]
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