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A night of Laugther and Solidarity

More than 200 people were part of an intense evening of music, laughter, and solidarity at The Jewish Museum, who could not only enjoy Roberto Moldavsky’s show and Emilia Solla’s and Rodolfo Zanetti’s musical duet, but also bought almost every single one of the 60 objects donated to raise funds [...]

Solidarity without borders

On Wednesday, February 7 we got together in Miami at “A Night of Laughter and Solidarity”, an initiative for the benefit of Fundación Tzedaká. Verónica and Gastón Taratuta welcomed in their home the 45 guests who joined this event. [...]

From Connecticut to Argentina: A night to help

West Hartford, Connecticut, will be hosting the first event of the year for the benefit of Fundación Tzedaká. [...]

Fundraising Cocktail in NYC

In the evening of May 9, around 180 people attended Fundación Tzedaká’s annual event in New York. One of the highlights of the night was the presence of Ambassador Mateo Estrémé, Argentinian Consul in that city. [...]
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