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Tzedaká in NYC

On May 6th, Fundación Tzedaká is organizing a cocktail party in New York City to promote its activities and expand its circle of friends to other locations in the world. [...]

An award from the Buenos Aires legislature

The legislature of the city of Buenos Aires has recognized Fundación Tzedaká for its human rights promotion and defense activities. [...]

American volunteers head out to Mataderos

On Good Deeds Day, Fundación Tzedaká welcomed a group of young volunteers from Washington DC. Their visit was organized in conjunction with Hillel and they lent a hand at the West Tzedaká Center. [...]

Walk for Solidarity

On Sunday, March 8th, more than 150 women of all ages gathered in Plaza Seeber. The activities included a 2.5km walk and a stretching class given by TV host and yoga professor Verónica Varano. [...]
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