Community Medicine Bank Refuot

Unemployment leaves large sectors of the population without health care coverage and without access to medications. This situation is especially critical for those who suffer from chronic illnesses and depend on medications for survival.

The Community Medicine Bank is a program of Fundación Tzedaká where free medicines are distributed to vulnerable populations throughout Argentina.

Through its National Network of Medication Distribution, Refuot reaches thousands of chronically ill patients as well as thousands more through hospitals and social organizations that receive medicines from Refuot. In 2014 alone, Refuot distributed medications and diapers for free for a total worth AR$7,500,000 throughout all of Argentina.

The existence of the Community Medicine Bank involves a significant saving of resources on a societal scale – as much in the transfer of medications to patients in need without exorbitant pharmaceutical costs as in the amount saved by treating conditions that would only worsen and require more treatments without the medications.

The Community Medicine Bank is nested in Club Náutico Hacoaj (JCC) and it is financed with the support of private donors, pharmaceutical laboratories and local donations as well as international institutions that collaborate to guarantee the quality of life and access to health care for those who need it most.

A professional pharmaceutical team works together with a team of volunteers to carry out the mission of the Medicine Bank, delivering medicines that the Medicine Bank purchases or receives as donations. The work includes receiving prescriptions and preparing for delivery; audits of treatments; management and classification of donations and efficient, economical purchases. All these processes are controlled through a modern computing system that enables monitoring of purchases, prescriptions, and stock.

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